I Learned That Newness was Good for my Soul


I decided that 2018 would be my year of "yes". But not just yes to everything... YES to NEW things. New people, new restaurants, new bars, new books, new podcasts, new hair, new tattoos, new sense of style, new weekend adventures, new approach to love and happiness.

me on black background final.jpg

New Hair

ya like?


I can say without any reservations that "yes" has enriched my soul. Before "yes" my brain worked like my iPhone 6s that couldn't decide if it was at 50% or 5% battery life. Up down, up down. Should I bleach my hair? Meh, better not, I'll look too gay, but I want to, naw that's a big commitment, but what if I end up loving it? The amount of back and forth that happens in our heads is utterly exhausting. Consequently, we never experience the newness. We never give ourselves the chance to step out on that ledge and just free fall. 


Like many, I clung to what I thought my life was supposed to look like at 28. I stayed on the safe side for so long in fear that all of my newness would come off as disingenuous. But it didn't. In fact it was welcome with open arms. For the most part, people are genuinely routing for your newness because they are also craving newness of their own. 

I've experience a domino effect since deciding to simply go for it and say, "yes" to my inhibitions. It's been liberating and I carry this new sense of sardonic outlook on life itself and people can read that. They will gravitate towards that new carefree and ballsy vibe you strut around town with. Last week I buzzed my head! Does it look good? NOPE. I hate it. But I had to experience that change because I felt it and I've been feeling it for years. I just wanted to know what I would look like with short hair. Now I know and thankfully hair grows back! It was powerful to say, "yes" and accept whatever outcome was on the other side of those clippers.

Feel the calling and embrace the newness before you run out of chances.