The collection

Johnathan Cardillo is an accessories collection of unisex pieces with an edgy, yet sophisticated vibe. It's unique and ambiguous. It's open to interpretation.

Born from personal heartbreak, the spike collection was designed to represent a small dagger that is worn close to your heart to protect it.


Johnathan Cardillo was born and raised in Southern California. His father was a Police Officer and his mother worked at his school to offset the cost of tuition for private school. For much of his childhood he was raised in a really strict religion in which wearing jewelry was prohibited. As an act of rebellion, he began using his father's tools to convert keychains into rings that he would wear when his parents weren't around.

Little did he know that this seemingly small act of defiance would lead to a lifelong passion.


I recently divorced social media... and it was liberating. I came to the realization that the thing that was once the catalyst to my current success was the thing that was now stifling my creative genius and negatively affecting my well-being and happiness. Social media is only a tool so long as it propels you forward and enhances your brand and life. It is an addiction. It's a love/hate relationship I've struggled with and recently read one of my favorite quotes that helped me in pulling the trigger to leave Facebook and Instagram - "It is impossible for you to go on as you were before, so you must go on as you never have." -Cheryl Strayed. Me and my creations are not my likes, comments, or followers. I believe that measuring our self-worth and creative talents by these disingenuous markers of approval is detrimental to our mental health and growth as human beings, designers, brands, and entrepreneurs. 


So, you won't find links to social media outlets on this website. If you would like to be updated about new products and special promotions then please join the fam bam and subscribe to my newsletter!

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It's not worth its weight in gold if it doesn't elicit a compliment. That's my motto. I design all of my pieces so that there is something for everyone. All of my designs are unisex and I offer them in various sizes so that my customers can pick the exact pendant that compliments their lifestyle and taste. Timeless designs that demand attention will always be my main focus.   -Johnathan Cardillo