The collection

Johnathan Cardillo is an accessories collection of unisex pieces with an edgy, yet sophisticated vibe. It's unique and ambiguous. It's open to interpretation.

When Johnathan sat down to design his first pendant, he looked down at his hands and remembered the splinters that he would get from digging trenches as a teenager. This inspired him to design a pendant reminiscent of a splinter that would serve as a reminder of the hard work, the trials, the splinters that he had to endure to become the man he is today.


Johnathan Cardillo was born and raised in Southern California. His father was a Police Officer and his mother worked at his school to offset the cost of tuition for private school. For much of his childhood he was raised in a really strict religion in which wearing jewelry was prohibited. As an act of rebellion, he began using his father's tools to convert keychains into rings that he would wear when his parents weren't around.

Little did he know that this seemingly small act of defiance would lead to a lifelong passion.


It's not worth its weight in gold if it doesn't elicit a compliment. That's my motto. I design all of my pieces so that there is something for everyone. All of my designs are unisex and I offer them in various sizes so that my customers can pick the exact pendant that compliments their lifestyle and taste. Timeless designs that demand attention will always be my main focus.   -Johnathan Cardillo

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